Firearms found in bushes: 'I could just see a total incident happening'

VENETA, Ore. - Two rifles and a shotgun held together with tape and hair ties found in the bushes Wednesday near a shopping center likely wouldn't be able to fire, but the discovery worried residents.

"It's always a concern when you hear information about weapons that are at large," said Roseanne Bell, who works nearby.

Bell said shops in the center were broken into recently.

"So if they fall in hands that can do something with them, that's kind of scary," Bell said. "A lot of people don't know how to manage weapons but a lot of people in this community do."

There is an elementary school two blocks up the street.

"Kids all the time are walking up and down the street," said Christina Schenk, "and I'm sure they would probably pick something like that up and be like, 'Cool, look at this,' and I could just see a total incident happening."

The weapons appeared to sheriff's deputies to have been in the grass for at least a year. The sheriff's office plans to destroy the firearms.