Finding the deals on air fare

So, what's it take to get a good deal on airfare?

I put that question to George Hobica, founder of the website

Hobica said you have to be flexible with your travel dates - both departure and return - and be willing to take multiple flights to get to your destination.

"If you're willing to be somewhat inconvenienced, you are going to get a lower fare," he said. "Non-stop fares are usually much more expensive because that's what people want."

Another way to save is to chose an alternative airport. For example Long Beach instead of Los Angeles, or Tokyo Haneda instead of Tokyo Narita.

A lot of travel experts have tips on when to buy your tickets: 64 days ahead, Tuesday at 3 p.m. or over the weekend. Hobica, who tracks airfares for a living, says there's no best time to buy.

"Fares change all the time and there is no magic day, hour, week, month or phase of the moon to buy them," he told me.

Setting up air fare alerts, he says, can help you snag a good deal.

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