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      Find out which financial websites are 'naughty' and 'nice'

      The editors at Kiplinger just came out with a list of financial "hits" and "misses" for the year.

      Credit.com was a hit because it gives you free estimates of your credit scores.

      Freecreditscore.com was a "miss" and not only for those annoying TV commercials. To get your free score at the site you must signed up for a trial subscription of a credit-monitoring service. If you don't cancel in seven days you'll be charged $15.

      For hotel reviews, Kiplinger named Booking.com because people who post a review must purchase a room first.

      Yelp.com was named a miss for letting anyone post a comment which "can call into question the honesty and motive behind the write-ups."

      For used-car pricing, Kiplinger liked the "Appraise Your Car" tool at Edmunds.com. It gives you a customized quote based on actual transactions.

      And Mint.com won praise for help with money management. The site, which has 10 million subscribers, tracks your spending and shows you where it goes. It can help limit how much you spend on a specific category each month and help you set future financial goals.


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