Fiesta Bowl Fans: 'It's so fun to watch'

EUGENE, Ore. - If making it down to Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl didn't happen for you this year, you were not alone.

Luckily there were no shortage of hot spots in Eugene to catch all the Duck action. One of the popular places was right across the street from the Matthew Night Arena at the Wild Duck Cafe.

Early in the evening, KVAL was live from the University themed eatery. Our very own Yasmin Dar was in front of the camera, and I found myself behind it.

After we wrapped up, Yasmin was needed on set. She headed back to the station, but I decided to head back inside. Hoping to catch up on the score and find out how the fans thought it was going.

The Ducks put points on the board as soon as things kicked off, literally. Returning the opening kick-off for a touchdown, giving them the expected early lead.

"With the two point conversion on the first touchdown ... that's definitely a classic Chip Kelly. You know, big balls," says fan Jordan Long.

With eyes stuck to screens like macaroni to poster board, the game continued. Both the Oregon and Kansas State putting on a show that proved to be anything but boring for onlookers.

"To be honest, I'm kind of glad its not a white wash in the first half," says Vern Cedarlund, "Because I think it is going to be in the second half."

Cedarlund wasn't alone. In fact I couldn't find anyone that minded it being a ... closer game.

"I don't like run away games," explains Judy Fleisig, "I want it to be exciting, and it's very exciting ... it's a great game. We're gonna win."

As it turns out Cedarlund and Fleisig were right. The Ducks won the day.

Of course, they don't call me Tasty Tony for no reason. I can't seem to walk into any restaurant and not make my way back to the kitchen. I had a chance to talk with the Wild Duck Cafe's Sous Chef Adam Peterson before things picked up.

Check out the video below to find out what went into the night's special, Steelhead Belle Meuniere.