'Everything was covered in blood. It looked like a murder scene'

CORVALLIS, Ore. - A naked woman high on drugs went on a rampage inside a hair salon called The Rage on Tuesday, leaving behind a bloody mess, police said.

Officers responding to a burglar alarm at the business followed wet footprints to a broken window in the front door of the salon. They reported hearing someone inside The Rage shouting and smashing things.

Police entered the building and found Jelena Monique Taylor, 44, hiding naked in a closet.

Taylor was booked on charges of burglary and criminal mischief. Police believe she was on meth.

The salon was still cleaning up the mess on Thursday.

Kayley Kampfer, who owns the salon, said Taylor was a former customer but that she hadn't seen her in years.

The incident left a big mess.

"I think, she kind of, in her madness started flailing around and splattered blood everywhere," Kampfer, said. "It looked like to me, she started in the hallway and started grabbing everything she could, started throwing things and there were broken vases, and a broken dryer.

"The kitchen was filled with blood, and then she made it back to the back bathroom where it looked like she started to get sick," she said. "The toilet, the shower, everything was covered in blood. It looked like a murder scene. It looked like somebody had been really hurt and there was blood splattered all over the walls, all over the floor. On the furniture."