Drive Thru Pet Pedi? How best friends benefit in a doggy dog world

ROSEBURG, Ore. - If you have a dog, you've probably cut your dog's nails.

Or, perhaps just as likely if not more, you've paid someone to cut those claws for you.

Like tuning up a bicycle or preparing pork loin, some arts of the modern world are best employed by practiced professionals.

In this doggy dog world, the VIPP 'pet pedi' service of a drive-thru dog groomer is bound to get some attention.

"I will take the time to file them down and take the sharp edges off," said Karleen Lindsey, who owns VIPP. "Plus, I can get shorter without getting into the quicks."

The quick is the blood vessel inside the nail. Lindsey said if you trim too short, it will bleed.

But if quick grows too long, it can rip the nail.

"I like to file them down, make sure they're smooth for the owners," she said.

In addition to dogs, Lindsey has trimmed nails for rabbits and guinea pigs at her Stephens Street location in Roseburg.