Downtown street closed for 6 months during construction project

From the City of Eugene

Olive Street between 12th and 13th avenues will be closed for approximately six months starting April 1 to protect motorists, cyclists and pedestrians from heavy equipment and construction activity on a major housing project being constructed by Capstone Collegiate Communities.

The closure includes sidewalks on both sides of Olive Street between 12th and 13th avenues as well as the sidewalks on the north side of 13th Avenue between Charnelton and Willamette and the sidewalk on the west side of Willamette next to the building site. The closed areas will be fenced off to keep motorists, cyclists and pedestrians a safe distance from active work zones.

Last fall, the West 12th Alley between Olive and Willamette streets was closed, and that access route will remain closed until a new accessway for pedestrians and cyclists is opened. Also this spring, one lane on the north side of 13th Avenue between Charnelton and Olive streets will be closed to allow trucks to off-load materials and equipment for the construction of the second phase of the Capstone project on the west side of Olive Street.

Safety is the number-one reason for closing the rights of way during construction. Large cranes will be moving heavy loads overhead, including across Olive Street. Large trucks, concrete pumpers and other heavy equipment will be parked in or crossing Olive Street and off-loading materials on the north side of 13th Avenue. Building walls and other structures will be built near the closed sidewalks, and pedestrians and cyclists could be injured by falling equipment or construction materials. As an indication of the amount of truck traffic, the Capstone contractor estimates an average of 60 trucks will enter the work zone each day, and as many as 100 trucks per day may enter the site on a busy day.

Under the terms of a City-approved traffic control plan, advanced signage will be installed to advise travelers to use alternate routes. Traffic conditions will be monitored, and traffic control will be modified if necessary. The City's traffic engineer has worked with Lane Transit District staff to develop alternate routes for buses that currently use the Olive Street corridor.

More closure information, including detailed maps, are available at