Doorbell rings, dog barks: How to train your dog to stop

When the doorbell rings...the dog barks. My dog, Sam, starts as soon as they're in the driveway. He just wants to let me know someone is there.

Mikkel Becker, expert pet trainer with says that's OK - as long as you can get your pooch to settle down when you tell him or her to be quiet. She says the way you do this is to teach him/her to bark on command.

"Tell the dog speak or have a certain word, such as 'bark' whatever you want to use," Becker said. "Wait a second or two and then either knock on the door behind you or ring the doorbell and you can get excited, 'oh what a good dog, good bark.' And that way, you've taught the dog to speak."

Now, you need to teach the quiet command. Tell your dog to speak and once they start barking tell them to be "quiet."

"Wait second and then pull out a toy or a treat or something that they really enjoy and as soon as they're quiet, they get that treat," Becker explained."This way, the quiet is the most rewarding part of the whole deal."

Practice with family and friends until your dog learns the quiet command so they'll be ready when a stranger knocks on your door.

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