District offers a piece of closed Elementary School's past

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- As the demolition date for the old Moffitt Elementary building comes closer, the Springfield School District is offering the community a chance to preserve a piece of the school's history literally.

The district is selling bricks salvaged from the building to past students, family members or employees who want to keep the school's memory alive.

In 2011, the school board voted to close six different schools in Springfield due to budget cuts. Students at Moffitt and the nearby Brattain Elementary were combined, forming Dos Rios Elementary.

The brick sale fits with their goals of being environmentally and fiscally conscious when demolishing the school. Staff involved in the project aims to re-purpose many other materials from the building.

Officials have yet to set a date for the demolition to take place, yet they have said all brick orders must be placed before January 31st by sending an email to Teresa Abbott (, who is in charge of the project.

Abbot also said that there is a "one brick per person" limit, and the buyers will be contacted after crews break them free.