Derelict boat removed from beach north of Florence

FLORENCE, Ore. -- A derelict boat was removed from an Oregon beach north of Florence.

The 24-foot non-motorized boat was removed from the ocean shore near Muriel Ponsler Wayside on Thursday and taken to a local landfill.

Officials say that there were not any hazardous materials on the boat, but an Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist says there was marine life attached to the boat's hull.

Samples were sent to Oregon State University for identification.

A volunteer marine debris monitoring team spotted the boat and called authorities.

There is Japanese writing on the vessel, but its exact origin hasn't been determined.

Boats, docks and other debris from the 2011 tsunami in Japan started washing up on Northwest shores last summer.

Debris keeps on coming

Crews hauled a 1-ton boat off Gleneden Beach earlier this month.

A large pipe washed ashore in late January on the Washington coast near the mouth of the Columbia River at Cape Disappointment State Park.

Two massive docks have washed ashore - one last December on a remote part of the Washington coast, another in the summer of 2012 on a popular Oregon beach that gave tourism a boost.

The stream of debris - which is expected to get worse - has turned beachcombing into a mystery for coast visitors.

People who sight unusual amounts of debris can report it by calling 211 (1-800-SAFENET), or by sending an email to