Deal in the works to save trees near Veneta neighborhood

VENETA, Ore. - A deal is in the works that would save a stand of trees near a Veneta Neighborhood.

Paul Foster lives alongside a property undergoing development, and said he hopes to rally his neighbors to make an offer a developer can't refuse to save forested view seen from their backyards.

Douglas firs have been falling since mid-June when Veneta-developer Greg Demers set to work on his 100-acre plot of land.

The tree cutting sent off alarm bells for Paul Foster and his neighbors on Longwood Lane.

Demers agreed to not log trees in a greenway-area that lines a nearby creek.

"This the portion of land that runs between our house(s) and the greenway. It's about one and a half acres," said Foster. "This section in here is the property that we're interested in."

Foster said Demers offered to cut a deal by selling the one-and-a-half acre strip of trees the neighbors want to save for $80,000.

They've made a counter-offer for the of $55,000.

After being asked if he feels the counter-offer is optimistic, Foster said, "Well, I'd like to think so because he seems to be like, he's a real friendly guy and wants to work with us."

Foster explained the developer also agreed to other compromises, leaving trees over 18 inches in diameter and those under ten inches.

While he knows the neighbors don't have much say in what Demers does with his property, Foster said he is happy to have things in the works.

"It sure would be nice if we could make some sort of arrangement to buy this so we could maintain the view from here to the greenway," said Foster.

News reported Tom Adams left messages with Demers, but hasn't had calls returned just yet.