Airline announces up to $100 fee for carry on bags

EUGENE, Ore. - Frontier Airlines starts service from Eugene to Denver May 16.

If book a flight, however, you might want to go directly through the airline's website: customers who book through sites like Travelocity and Orbitz will face a $25 to $100 fee for carry on bags.

The airline said Wednesday that the charges result from complaints from loyal customers about a lack of space in the overhead bin.

KVAL News spoke to travelers at the Eugene Airport who aren't fond of the fee.

"I think that by nickel and diming passengers they're not going to have too many advocates of their airline," said Jill Papparides.

"I feel singled out that I have to book through them in order to save $25," said Zeo Brobst.

And the airline had news for travelers who find the fees hard to swallow: it'll cost $2 for an in-flight beverage.