A growing "Haven" in downtown Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - A new home and garden store is open in Springfield, the latest evidence of what many see as a revitalized downtown area.

Karen Hageman once owned a successful downtown Springfield cafe. She recently opened up a new business in the neighborhood, telling KVAL News that she thinks the future of downtown is solid.

"Our focus is to bring more people downtown all the time and to help businesses thrive," Hageman said.

For Hageman, a well designed living space is like a "haven", which she felt a fitting name for her new store in downtown Springfield.

At Haven customers can find old trunks, local art and other intriguing home design pieces.
"Items that you won't find anywhere else," said Hageman. "You won't find them in the big box stores. I like to mix old and new together."

As the former caf owner likes attractive spaces, you could say that vision also extends to downtown.

The new business was helped by the Springfield Main Street program, their coordinator Leanne Murray and the Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation (NEDCO).

"We're on the upswing and people know it," said Murray. "My job is to make sure that the rest of the world knows the awesome things that are happening in Springfield."

The program promotes new incubator businesses downtown and gets behind efforts like the new 2nd Friday Art Walk.

Murray explains the Main Street program has had a hand in attracting 10 to 12 new businesses in the downtown area in the past year--with a few more to come.

"We've got a couple other restaurants and things that are just looking for the right space to become available at the right time," said Murray.

The right time - she thinks - for a new prosperous era for downtown Springfield.

Murray said the Plank Town Brewing Company is another new downtown business taking over the empty space once inhabited by Ruthie B's, set to open its doors later this month.